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Welcome to Paynova's API documentation.

To get started, have a look at the Orders page to understand how our order system works.  Then, head over to the Services page to learn how to communicate with our API. SDK:s are available on Github.

The first services that you will be using are the following:

CreateOrderThe first step to processing payments using our hosted payment pages is to create an order.
InitializePaymentThe next step is to set up the hosted payment page with some additional settings and get your session id. You'll also get a URL in the response which you will redirect the customer's browser to, where the customer will complete his payment authorization.
AuthorizePaymentFor payment methods that do not redirect the customer to a hosted payment page (i.e. invoice and installments), AuthorizePayment is used insteead of InitializePayment.
FinalizeAuthorizationOnce an authorization has been completed by the customer in one of our hosted payment pages, you may need (depending on the payment method) to call Finalize Payment to complete the purchase. You will receive a callback from the payment page which will inform you whether or not a finalize call is required for the chosen payment method.
RefundPaymentOnce you can make payments, you'll probably want to be able to refund them as well. The RefundPayment service is a server-to-server method for refunding payments, but you may also opt to make refunds using our merchant backoffice, Merchant Services.


For certain payment methods, after an order has been finalized the line items can be updated.

Invoice Integration Guide

Here you can download an API integration guide for Paynova Invoice as a Service: Paynova Invoice as a Service API.pdf

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